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ICANN meeting #49 in Singapore

The 49th meeting of ICANN will be held in Singapore starting tomorrow March 23rd -Thursday the 27th. In addition to the business at hand of new registries launching, there will be much discussion around the NTIA’s announcement to...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Internet turns 25

On March 12th 2014, the Internet turns 25 years old.  It’s hard to believe on one hand how young the internet is, and that it is already 25 years old.  We’ve come to accept it as a given that it’s always there and always growing and improving.  .BUILD wishes many...

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.BUILD brings on Internet industry veteran

George Minardos, Founder and CEO of .BUILD, announced today that Tim Switzer, formerly of Neustar and DotGreen, is joining .BUILD as head of operations and registrar relations.  Switzer will team up with Minardos, Tom Brackey, ARI Services and the rest of the .BUILD...

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Protect your Brand by Registering your Trademark online

Here is what you need to know about Trademark Protection with the new gTLD rollouts: Standard rights protection mechanisms to fight unauthorized use of your marks already exist on the web.  As an added protection in the new expansion of the Internet ICANN set up  the...

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.build enters pre-delegation testing with ICANN

One week and counting….On December 2nd .build started pre-delegation testing (PDT) with ICANN.  This is one of the last steps before .build becomes added to the internet root.  What that means in plain English is soon .build will be a piece of virtual real-estate...

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.build signs Registry Agreement Contract with ICANN

November 7th 2013:  .build is proud to announce that it has successfully transitioned from gTLD applicant to an official registry with it’s completion of the signed contract with ICANN to administer the .build namespace.  Soon registrants will be able to buy a .build...

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